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3 Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions For Your Multifamily Property

Multifamily occupants nowadays are becoming more concerned about cutting down their house energy footprint and save on electricity bills and therefore look for energy-efficient units for rent. In an effort to attract as many prospective tenants as possible, rental property owners hire professional renovation and construction services provider to convert their rental property into energy-efficient housing units. As roofing system plays a key role in maintaining energy efficiency of a building, this post discusses top three solutions to make your existing roofing system more energy efficient.

1. Light-colored Shingles

Dark roof can significantly increase the temperature of your multifamily or commercial property. On an average summer noon, a dark-colored asphalt roof may reach the temperatures between 150-175 degrees fahrenheit. This coerces the air conditioner installed in the building to consume more energy and provide cooling. Asking your multifamily renovation general contractor to use light-colored shingles along with white roof coating can help reduce the temperature of the roof by 50 to 60 degrees, thereby reducing the energy consumption by air conditioner to maintain the temperature.

2. Roof Insulation

Due to poor roof insulation your multifamily property is forced to consume more electricity by air conditioner during summer season. During winters, it will take more energy to keep the thermostat working and keep the house warm. You must, therefore, get your multifamily renovation general contractor to insulate the roof, because a well-insulated roof keeps the air intact inside the room, thereby reducing energy consumption during both winter and summer season.

3. Highly Reflective Top Coats

Zeroing down on the right type of roofing material can be tricky, because it depends on a number of considerations such as the building type and climate conditions. Irrespective of the type of roof you choose for your multifamily property, highly reflective roof coats provide excellent UV protection to your rooftop. Such coatings also deliver a cooler and comfortable environment inside the building with less air conditioning usage, which ultimately result in reduced utility bills.


Development of multifamily business involves large sums of money whether undertaking a multifamily housing renovation or a energy-efficient roof installation project. As the type of roofing material you choose has a great impact on the utility bills of your rental units, it is important to hire competent multifamily renovation general contractor. A professional multifamily development company is well equipped and highly experienced to help you choose the right roofing material based on several key factors, such as the type of roof and prevalent climatic condition. Lastly, read customer reviews before hiring any roofing contractor in your area or go through their previous work.

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