10 Cities That Has the Most New Construction Apartment Units in 2018!

2018 is predicted to be a peak year for new construction apartment units. There is currently an estimated 360,000 newly constructed apartment units hitting the market in the by the end of 2018, which is a 20% increase from the previous year. The high demand for new construction apartment units has caused a shortage in construction labor, lengthening the amount of time it takes for a project to complete from 16.5 months to 22 months in 2017. This year, many projects are expected to finally be completed, drastically increasing the supply of apartment units in 2019. This influx of units is predicted to impact vacancy rates. In addition, the tightening of lending regulations will also slow down


If you’re a landlord in the Los Angeles area, there are many laws and regulations affecting your apartment building, making it difficult to keep up with all of them. Below are several new and old laws affecting your property that many landlords may have missed: 1. BEDBUG LAW – As of January 1, 2018, all tenants must receive a bedbug notice as follows: “General information about bed bug identification, behavior and biology, the importance of cooperation for prevention and treatment, and the importance of and for prompt written reporting of suspected infestations to the landlord.” New tenants must also receive the following notice: “procedure to report suspected infestations to the landlord

Regulations Affecting Airbnb Short Term Rental

As our previous article has suggested, Airbnb has become a popular way for landlords to beat the tough rent control ordinances. However, many cities are cracking down on short term rentals. In Los Angeles, cities such as Santa Monica and West Hollywood have become very strict. In fact, Santa Monica has effectively wiped out 80% of its Airbnb listings by instituting the toughest regulations on short-term rentals in the U.S. Effective since June 15, 2015, these regulations require anyone putting a listing on Airbnb in Santa Monica to live on the property during the renter’s stay, register for a business license and collect a 14% occupancy tax from users that will be payable to the city. If you

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