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Fairfax District - Photo

Fairfax District

Paramount Pictures - Photo

Paramount Pictures

Farmers Market - Photo

The Original Farmer's Market


Home to the Original Farmer’s Market, Fairfax is a major tourist draw often recognized by its iconic trolley that can be used to navigate its the shopping center. The Beverly Fairfax district is surrounded by Rosewood Avenue, Melrose Ave, N. Gardner Street, Vista Street, Beverly Blvd., and N. Fairfax Ave. The neighborhood includes a variety of different style homes including; Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, Spanish Colonial, Monterey Revival, Art Deco, and Streamline Modern homes. In October 2018, the Beverly Fairfax Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Fairfax District is also home to Canter’s Deli, a mainstay in Los Angeles since 1931.


  • Population of approximately 13,000

  • Neighboring communities are Mid-City, Melrose, Beverly Grove, and Hancock Park

  • 10 miles from the Santa Monica Pier

  • 7 miles from Downtown LA

  • 10 minutes from Hollywood

The Pink Wall - Photo

The Pink Wall

The Grove LA - Photo

The Grove Trolley

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