5 Things to Do On 2017 Labor Day Weekend in Los Angeles

As summer 2017 is coming to a close, a lot of people are looking forward to their last local getaway during their Labor Day weekend. If you’re looking for some local fun without breaking your bank, here are 5 things to do on your Labor Day weekend in 2017: L.A. County Fair – Jumpstart September with the L.A. County Fair! The fair will feature some over-the-top fair foods such as turkey legs and jumbo size corndogs. There are also a variety of traditional farm-friendly events such as livestock beauty contest and local produce contests. In addition, the fair will also feature modern acrobats, wine tasting stalls, exhibitions, and a variety of different concerts. The fair will be hosted at the

Why You Should Invest In Student Housing

In recent years, student housing has become one of the most profitable and growing types of properties available. With the number of students attending college increasing at a rapid speed, on-campus housing is limited, leading to a higher demand in off-campus housing. There are several positive aspects about owning off-campus student housing: Rent Control Is Almost Obsolete – Owning a property in Los Angeles is stressful because of the rent control regulations. By owning off-campus student housing, rent control is almost obsolete because students tend to move every year, making it easy to raise rents to market value and improve your property. Growing Market – There is high demand because mor

10 Best and 10 Worst Locations to Buy an Apartment Building

The multifamily real estate cycle is always fluctuating. In fact, it tends to differ in different marketplaces. For instance, the multifamily market may be doing poorly in one area and soaring in another. Find out the 10 best and 10 worst locations to buy an apartment building below: 10 Best Locations to Invest In Boston, Massachusetts – With two of the world’s finest universities, world-class hospitals and a highly educated workforce, Boston’s rental market has a strong foundation for a growing rental market. In fact, Boston is known for its low turnover rates and steady vacancy rate at around 4%. Denver, Colorado – Its labor force is expanding at an accelerated rate, resulting in a 3.2% un

Why Should You Vet Your Vendors?

Do you really know the vendors you are using on your apartment building? Have you checked out their license? Did you do your due diligence before hiring them? In a time where lawsuits are commonplace, property owners should thoroughly vet vendors who comes on and/or performs work on their properties to avoid legal and/or financial repercussions. Property owners may not be adequately vetting their vendors. Oftentimes, the screening process is dictated by the price and a quick search on the internet. Property owners try to cut costs and only hire the vendor that would perform the work at the cheapest price without considering their credentials. This is a huge mistake. Property owners may end u

How to Hold Title When Buying a New Property?

When buying new properties, such as a home or an apartment building, a lot of people contemplate on whether they should hold title as joint tenants, tenants in common, community property, limited liability company (LLC), or Trustee of a Trust. Below are the pros and cons of each type of holdings. Joint Tenancy is when everyone holds equal interest in the property, however the interest is undivided, meaning that each spouse is entitled to use the entire property. This includes a right of survivorship, thus, when one spouse dies, his interest automatically passes to his surviving spouse. The surviving spouse owns 100% of the property. A joint tenancy can be broken if one of the owners transfer

Does Rent Increases Cause Homelessness in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is one of the most densely populated cities in the United States. With an increasing population, apartments have become scarce causing rent prices to skyrocket. Even with the 3% rent control cap, many residents cannot afford to pay the increase. According to research on Zillow, homelessness is definitely strongly correlated to rising rents in Los Angeles. In fact, rents have risen nearly 4.2% in the last year and is continuing to rise as demands increase. Income levels are not keeping up with the rapid rent increases, causing many people to become homeless or pushed into worse neighborhoods. By the end of 2016, Los Angeles Housing Services Authority has reported approximately 46,

9 Ways an Owner Can Increase Rents to Increase The Value Of their Property

If you’re considering selling and want the highest price or if you want to increase the revenue of your building as you’re holding, here are 9 ways to raise rents and increase the value of your property: Review Leases – If tenants are eligible for a rent increase and the apartment is rent controlled, increase rents by 3% (or as designated on the HCIDLA website). If your property is not rent controlled, increase rent to market rent. Section 8 Tenants – In the event of Section 8 tenancy, please follow the specific online procedures and guidelines to increase rent. Email me to obtain section 8 portal for rent increase. Vacant Units – When there is a vacant unit, it’s important to do certain imp

Top 8 Financial Indicators that Every Investor Should Know

As you buy and sell apartment buildings, there are many financial indicators that you should be familiar with in order to help you make the best financial decision. Here are the top 8 financial indicators in multifamily real estate that ever investor should know: 1. Gross Scheduled Income (GSI) – The GSI is the expected rent/income that is collected in one year. This is calculated by adding the 12 months of rent. 2. Net Operating Income (NOI) – The NOI is the actual income minus expenses not including debt service. Calculation: GSI – Operating Expense 3. Capitalization (Cap) Rate – This is the rate of return on a real estate investment property based on the income that the propert

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