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July Update of the Metrolink Expansion

Los Angeles, one of the largest cities in the world, has one of the most congested roads and non-functional metro system. The continual population growth forces the city of Los Angeles to make an effort to expand the metro system. With a budget increase of nearly $120 million dollars, the city of Los Angeles released an extensive 81 page metro expansion report, showcasing all the planned projects for the next 40 years.

So far, the Metrolink is working on the Regional Connector Transit Project and the Metro Crenshaw/LAX Line. Here are the projects at a glimpse:

Regional Connector Transit Project

  • This project is a 1.9-mile underground light-rail system connecting the Metro Gold Line to the 7th Street/Metro Center Station

  • It features direct connection between Azusa and Long Beach as well as between East Los Angeles and Santa Monica so that passengers would not need to transfer lines.

  • Three new stations are added:

  • Little Tokyo/Arts District Station – 1st St/Central Av

  • Historic Broadway Station – 2nd St/Broadway

  • Grand Av Arts/Bunker Hill Station – 2nd Pl/Hope St

  • Project Budget: $1.756 Billion

  • Expected Completion: 2021

  • This project receives partial funding from Measure R

Metro Crenshaw/LAX Line

  • This project started in January 2014. It will extend the existing Metro Exposition Line at Crenshaw and Exposition Boulevards. This 8.5 miles addition to the Metro Green Line will serve the cities of Los Angeles, Inglewood, El Segundo, and portions of other areas of Los Angeles County.

  • It will stop at eight stations:

  • Expo/Crenshaw

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Leimert Park

  • Hyde Park

  • Fairview Heights

  • Downtown Inglewood

  • Westchester/Veterans

  • Aviation/Century

  • Expected completion: 2019

  • This project is one of 12 transit projects funded by Measure R.

These projects are the first to kick start the major transit changes in Los Angeles, combating crazy rush hours and overpopulation. Plans for the Metro system show an extensive system fit for the huge Los Angeles population, similar to the San Francisco and New York public transit system.


Interested in learning more about the public transit system in Los Angeles, check out the LA MetroLink website.

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