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Developments Near USC

Should I invest near USC? I have received many questions about clients looking to invest near the University of Southern California (USC) and here’s why maybe you should. The area surrounding USC has already attracted many investors in the last few years. Located relatively close to Downtown Los Angeles, a hub of development activity, the USC area boast extensive and popular developments such as the University Village, the LAFC soccer stadium, and the George Lucas Museum.

In fact, the development trend started with the introduction of the University Village, a cluster of residential and retail complexes that cost approximately $700 million. This complex is set to open at the end of 2017.

The construction of the University Village is followed by the announcement of the Banc of California soccer stadium and the George Lucas Museum.

The Banc of California soccer stadium will be the home to the LAFC soccer stadium. This 22,000 seat soccer venue is set to complete in 2018. It is projected to add $129 million in annual economic activity to the surrounding areas, bringing job opportunities and positively improving the neighborhood.

The George Lucas Museum has been the newest addition to the USC area. Recently approved, this $1.2 Billion project located on Vermont Avenue in Exposition Park is set to possibly start at the end of 2017 with plans to be completed in 2021.

Overall, the USC area has great growth potential. The development of the University Village, the Banc of California (LAFC) soccer stadium, and the George Lucas Museum, seems like it will gentrify the area, making property values go up and improve the standard of living for occupants in the area.

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