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12 Suggestions to Enhance Property Appeal

Below are a few things that a property owner can do to enhance the look of their property.


  1. Nice looking mailbox

  2. Attractive, low-water perennial plantings visible as you approach the property

  3. Everything outside is clean, clean, clean – especially the windows

  4. Front door hardware and knocker must look great

  5. Power wash front of property and driveway

  6. Green grass is well trimmed along with any bushes, or drought tolerant planters and plants trimmed and shaped

  7. Nice property number plates

  8. Painted clean front door

  9. Attractive front lights

  10. Mini blinds or nice curtains in the front windows

  11. Porch and stairs painted with high quality paint

  12. Dispose of furniture, mattress, rugs or articles of clothing on railings or in front of the property

Outside of Home
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